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The Durham Classic Mustang Club is very fortunate to have some GREAT MEMBERS! 
Here are just some of the Great Mustangs in our Clubs Stable!
Our list of NEW Members begins to grow, listed below are just a few highlights of new members or rides that have changed!!
  • Ken & Pat Fryer - sent us this shot of thier ride - a beautiful 2013 GT California Special convertible. Somehow we lost this one in the shuffle a little while back but its uploaded now! sorry you guys.. great ride!
  • Marilyn and Joe Hozjan - joined us just this passed season in 2018, check out this terrfic lakeside shot of thier 2014 GT!
  • Steve Kerr sent us the beautiful shot of his killer Black 2016 GT350R!
  • Ian & Cindy our own Communications Director dynamic duo sent us a great shot of thier 2013 GT convertible, great shot!
  • Tom Bernaske joined the club this year with his EcoBoost powered 2018 convertible. Hopefully it warms up soon so he can finally trully enjoy it!
  • Ron Davidson sent us this updated shot of his Red California Special edition GT looking like its ready for some top down cruising as well!
  • Joe Pineda decided Race Red is where its at and replaced his Blue Mustang with this 2019 EcoBoost! looks great!
  • Art & Betty - long time mebers sent us this 'new addition to the family' a 2011 CS Convertible complimenting thier Red '65
  • Mike and Debbie are not new mebers but this very cool '85 Silver SVO IS NEW to the club... you DO NOT see these models around at all anymore very cool!
Displayed below are just some of the Great Mustangs in our Clubs Stable!

  1964 - 1973 Ford Mustang First Generation
  1974 - 1978 Ford Mustang Second Generation

  1979 - 1993 Ford Mustang Third Generation

  1994 - 2004 Ford Mustang Fourth Generation

  2005 - 2009 Ford Mustang Fifth Generation (Early Body Style)

  2010 - 2014 Ford Mustang Fifth Generation (Late Body Style)

 2015 +       Ford Mustang Sixth Generation  
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